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Diverse Kindergarten

Our goal at Country Caterpillar In home Daycare Center is to prepare children for the next stage of their lives through the development of motor abilities, thinking skills and healthy interactions with their peers. Keep reading to learn more!

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About Us

At Country Caterpillar In-home Daycare Center, we believe in fostering a playful yet enriching environment where children can think, reason, question, and experiment to their heart's content. From the moment of our founding, we've dedicated ourselves to guiding children through every stage of childhood with a focus on playful learning.
Our carefully crafted activities are designed to support children through all transitions, ensuring their emotional and intellectual growth is nurtured at every turn. Through engaging and hands-on learning experiences, we empower young minds to blossom into bright thinkers.
From the tiniest explorers at 6 months to the adventurous tweens of 12 years, we provide care tailored to meet the needs of children at every age. Come join us on a journey filled with laughter, discovery, and endless possibilities!

Home: About Us

Programs At Country Caterpillar Daycare

Encoring Learning Through Play

Our programs are meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of both children and families, with clear goals and objectives in mind. We prioritize leveraging the strengths of each child and seizing every opportunity for teaching and learning.


Infant program 

At Country Caterpillar In-home Daycare, our primary aim in the infant program is to support your child's developmental milestones during their first year. We focus on activities such as tummy time, rolling over, sitting up, pulling up, introducing baby ASL, and eventually walking.
Throughout the day, we engage in reading books, singing songs, and enjoying a variety of nursery rhymes and classical music. We also encourage artistic expression through age-appropriate arts and crafts activities.
We understand the importance of a smooth transition from home to daycare, so we tailor our approach to each family's needs. Our infant program welcomes newborns aged 6 months to 12 months. Reach out to inquire about availability!

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Preschool and PreK classes 

At Country Caterpillar In-home Daycare, our goal in the Preschool and Pre-K program is to empower your child with the skills they need for kindergarten and beyond. We focus on foundational concepts like numbers, letters, and writing, while also exploring various themes each month to keep learning exciting and interactive.

Plus, we're happy to provide these extra benefits which is included in the tuition – just ask for more details during your tour!

Kids in Art Class

Before and After Care for school aged children 

Welcome to our before and after school care program, catering to children from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Each child enrolled in this program enjoys breakfast and afternoon snacks as part of their care routine.
Conveniently located just a brief 3-minute walk from Cedarhome Elementary, we ensure a seamless transition to and from school by walking students to and from the premises.
Our child care services are available Monday through Friday, covering non-school days, late starts, early dismissals, and distance learning days at no extra cost. Please inquire about our program hours for more details.
*Please note: At this time, we exclusively offer this service to children enrolled at Cedarhome Elementary.

Kids Drawing

Art and Music Classes

At our center, we're passionate about nurturing creativity as a cornerstone of education. We recognize the significance of art and music in child development, which is why we integrate these elements into our curriculum. From regular art sessions to dedicated music classes every Wednesday, we foster creativity through various mediums. Our themed art projects are carefully aligned with our monthly lesson plans, ensuring a holistic learning experience. We firmly believe that learning takes shape in myriad forms, and we embrace this diversity to enrich each child's educational journey.

Outdoor Play

At our center, we understand the importance of outdoor exploration for children's development. That's why we offer ample green space for running and playing. During the summer months, our preschool and pre-k students can engage in sensory play at our small garden center. For our youngest learners, we provide age-appropriate outdoor toys like walkers and a slide, ensuring they have a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Want to learn more? Get in touch and one of our staff members will gladly answer all of your questions.

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Cute Feet

Our Mission at Country Caterpillar Daycare

We hold firm to the belief that children flourish when they're embraced for their individuality and offered nurturing support to foster emotional, social, and creative growth. By honoring each child's distinct strengths, interests, and curiosities, we empower them to embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Through this approach, we not only facilitate the development of new skills but also cultivate meaningful connections and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

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Kindergarten Classroom

Country Caterpillar In home Daycare Center Team

Caring & Dedicated

At Country Caterpillar In home Daycare Center, we hire passionate, dedicated and caring teachers who are committed to making a difference in children’s lives. Take a look below to learn more about our team, and reach out with any questions.

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As the Head Teacher and owner, Mrs. Eva is committed to helping children explore and learn in a hands-on environment. Nothing brings her more happiness than seeing the growth and evolution of our students. 
Mrs. Eva has spent the last 8 years of her professional career as a surgical assistant and has a vast background in healthcare emergencies and training. She is now emerging back to her true passion of being a teacher for our youth. Before going into healthcare, Eva was a private nanny for 10 years and attended school to be an early childcare provider and is also a mother. 

To learn more about our staff, get in touch.

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Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm 
Extend hours also offered! Just ask us about them! 

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Interested in learning more about Country Caterpillar In home Daycare Center? 
Please feel free to get in touch, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Accepts DSHS state subsidy 

Private Pay 

Currently working to accepting Military Daycare Pay (ask for details) 

 68th Ave NW Stanwood, WA  98292


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